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On the Cover - Long March
Long march to Selma

The Long March Forward

Moved by a roadtrip to Selma, Alabama, Jason Gilmore vowed to share the experience with his students. He did, involving them in the 50th anniversary of the civil rights landmark event, Selma's long march.

Utah's Future — and Its Past
More than Words

Water in Utah's Future

Interviews with the IUtah sociologists on the future of water in the state.
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Made in Utah

The Search for the Story

At a tiny university museum, students are learning that the process of discovery doesn't end when artifacts are unearthed.
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Alumni Spotlights
All Together Now

A Long Way From Peoa

Dr. Todd Jorgenson's educational path was unusual — and that, says this NBA-affiliated periodontist, is why he's seen so much success
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Bridge to the Past
Heather Mason and SUREFIRE

Fire Starter

CHaSS alumnus Heather Mason has a SUREFIRE way to inspire and uplift young women who profit from the mentorship and example of women doing amazing things.
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