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Catherine Goodman

Catherine Goodman

Catherine Goodman '90

What the world needs now is a workforce that understands our common human needs and essential similarities. A degree in humanities provides students with an understanding of social dynamics, cultural landscapes, human nature, historical context, critical thinking, and the art of communication—all necessary components of a successful work and personal life.

I believe a degree in the humanities provides a foundation for success in life by cultivating a deep desire to improve the world and our place in it. The most self-fulfilled people among us are those whose career goals and desire for the common good are aligned.

It matters less what jobs they choose than on what foundation their education and world view are grounded: they have found a way to connect their career aspirations to a solid understanding of our humanity, our interconnectedness and interdependence. These are the strong-hearted students of the humanities. They understand what serves us all and are therefore able to envision and implement truly beneficial change in the world.

Meet the Board

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Board is comprised of a dedicated group of alumni and friends who serve the college in a myriad of ways. For example, Tim Stewart, ‘96, made several visits to campus during the 2011-12 academic year to help expand the school’s internship program in Washington D.C. In November, he interviewed candidates for a new internship coordinator position he helped establish to locate additional internship opportunities for USU students.

The board met with Dean Allen this fall to review the college’s funding priorities after several years of consecutive budget reductions. They have begun fundraising efforts for scholarships and professorship support. Without their assistance, and the generosity of others, the college would be unable to sustain its traditional high-level research, teaching, and learning opportunities.

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Board Members

  • Jim E. Ackerman, ‘75 Journalism & Communications, President & CEO of Ascend Marketing, Inc.
  • Nathan D. Alder, ‘91 History, Attorney at Christensen & Jensen
  • Mark A. Flores, ‘92 Political Science, Attorney at Law Offices of Darwin Overson LLC
  • Cecelia H. Foxley, ‘64 English, Regents Professor at University of Utah
  • Catherine A. Goodman, ’90 English, National Marketing Manager for Summit Financial Resources
  • Robert C. Gross, ’72 Political Science, Founder of Robert C. Gross Associates
  • Jared T. Hales, ‘02 American Studies, Attorney at Family Law Group at Parsons Behle & Latimer
  • Lillian Tsosie-Jensen, ‘91 Art, Secondary Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Specialist at the Utah State Office of Education
  • Kathie Miller, ‘71 English, Owner of Mark Miller Dealerships
  • Marcus R. Mumford, ‘96 Philosophy, Founding partner at Mumford Law PLLC
  • John Lewis Needham, ‘97 Liberal Arts, American Studies graduate program, ‘97, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Google
  • Bart Patterson, ’84 Political Science, Chief Counsel for the Nevada System of Higher Education
  • Richard L. Shipley, ’68 History, MA ‘69 History, Owner of Shipley Family Investments, LLC
  • Tim S. Stewart, ’96 Political Science, Attorney at the American Capitol Group
  • Roger O. Tew, ’74 Political Science, MA ‘77 Economics, Founding partner at Roger O. Tew Attorney at Law
  • Anne Bentley Waddoups, ‘91 English, Research analyst at Tufts University