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The Frontier of Leisure

Lawrence Culver Wins Big at the Spur Awards

On a recent flight back to Utah, Lawrence Culver looked out the window at the cul-de-sacs and swimming pools of the suburbs below and thought, ‘looks like Southern California.’ It’s only natural since Culver, associate professor of history at Utah State University, has had Los Angeles on the brain since publishing The Frontier of Leisure: Southern California and the Shaping of Modern America (Oxford University Press, 2010). The book received a 2011 Spur Award for Best Contemporary Nonfiction Book and traces the history of Southern California and its influence on the rest of the country. “History is not something that happened in the past. It has real consequences for things we are still dealing with now,” Culver said. “Personally for me, history is what helps explain the world we live in.”