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Traces of Fremont

Steve Simms Captures the Utah Book Award

Archaeologist Steven R. Simms won the 2010 Utah Book Award for nonfiction for Traces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah. The book explores new theories of the Fremont—an indigenous group who lived along the Fremont River in Utah—using artifacts they left behind. Simms, a professor of anthropology, partnered with wildlife photographer Francois Gohier to examine new evidence about the Fremont people that points to greater cultural complexity than previously acknowledged by scholars. Simms and Gohier traveled across Utah investigating artifacts and rock art left behind by this group no longer able to tell their own story. However, the book is not about the rock art. “It’s about the people behind the rock art,” Simms said. “We need a different perception of the Fremont. Rock art is an interesting vehicle to open up discussions.” He also won the Society of American Archaeology’s 2011 Public Audience Book Award for writing Traces of Fremont.