From the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Donald C. Murray

Donald C. Murray is the Director of Development for the college. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts in 1979 and believes the humanities and social sciences are important building blocks for career preparation. During his more than 30 years with major corporations focused on technology, health and wellness, Murray observed how they prepared new employees to communicate effectively, apply what was learned from the past toward business objectives for the future, and represent themselves within the social subculture associated with their new careers. He joined the staff at USU in 2012. Reach Don at 801.891.6264 or by email at

From the Board

In October, USU completed its first comprehensive capital campaign raising more than $500 million to support programs university wide. As the campaign was coming to a close, Dean John C. Allen examined priorities of the college and set a new goal to raise 100 scholarships for CHaSS students. With the help of our CHaSS Dean’s Development Board, we are off to a great start entering 2013 accounting for more than 20 new scholarships already!

The Dean's Development Board and its members are responsible for promoting CHaSS to their personal and business networks while allocating time and focus toward expanding our students’ opportunities. The board is evolving in pursuit of this critical mission. In 2013 we are welcoming new board members and creating improved efficiencies. One exciting change is board members will act as advocates for specific CHaSS departments and their associated development priorities. This will allow for a more intimate connection between our board members, accommodating the passion they feel for their discipline, and empower them to deliver a more focused effort in working toward our overall advancement efforts. We are still working to add additional qualified board members, especially to fill gaps in advocacy areas.

Acting as ambassadors to our alumni and business constituents in Utah and beyond, the board has the potential to be a powerful development tool benefitting our students and driving the CHaSS mission. We welcome their experience and appreciate all that they do in engaging our students and contributing their time and effort toward improving the student opportunity in scholarships, internships, and other critical programs.

Looking ahead, 2013 appears to be a year of opportunity and growth. Thank you to all who make the good work of our faculty and students possible.


Donald C. Murray