From the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Grant Bulltail

Grant Bulltail. Photo by Tyson Bybee.

Sharing Knowledge

Like Socrates we have to share our knowledge, like Plenty Coups we have to be honest and have a sense of justice, and like Chief Joseph we have to be courageous and share that knowledge. —Grant Bulltail

Grant Bulltail descends from a line of Crow leaders and storytellers. His early years were spent among tribal elders, listening to them tell stories about the old ways. Nowadays, he is focused on sharing them.

For the past two years he has recounted Crow stories to USU English professor Jeannie Thomas and folklorist Sharon Kahin, co-directors of the Native Memory Project, aimed at preserving Native American history for future generations. Bulltail studied folklore at USU in the 1970s and returned in fall 2012 as a visiting professor. He was the guest speaker at the college’s annual back to school ceremony A Light on the Hill.

Bulltail shared stories of three great minds of the past: Socrates, who told his friends not to mourn his death, but rather to teach his ways; Crow Chief Plenty Coups, who spoke of listening to the knowledge around you and using it honestly; and Chief Joseph, the Nez Perce leader who bravely fought the U.S. government for their land rights.