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Editor's Note

Editor's Note

THE STUDENTS I SEE EACH DAY walking across the Utah State University campus are the same students who walked here a few decades ago when I was a student, a half century ago when my father attended, and years before that when his mother received her degree here.

Today’s students are fresh-faced in a way that radiates eagerness while at the same time absorbing everything offered to them as college students. Yes, the names and circumstances, the families and the histories are different; but the young men and women scurrying to class, studying in hallways and fairly bursting with new and exciting information in 2015 are in so many ways identical to the students who did those exact same things 30, 50, and 100 or more years ago.

The nature of institutions of higher education such as Utah State University is both perpetual and ever-changing. For me, returning to campus as communications director for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences many years after graduating as a history major here offers comforting consistencies and obvious differences. Students still gather in the hallways, but now group near electrical outlets where they can readily recharge cell phones and computers.

Many classes are full to the point of bursting, but online courses allow for even more students and provide greater flexibility while also easing the burden on physical classroom space. New structures are being built, yet Old Main still looks out over a familiar, symmetrical quad.

In short, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Utah State University not only embody the best of the past, the present, and the future, but also understand the value of each and operate with respect for all three.

As the new editor of Liberalis, it is my goal to provide a continued connection to CHaSS and USU for all alumni through reminders of past glories, highlights of present accomplishments, and exploration of future plans.

Along the way, I hope to engage all Liberalis readers through compelling articles, interesting information, and vibrant photography and graphic art. Ideas, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Please send correspondence to Please also visit the CHaSS website at and ‘like’ our Facebook page.

Both Liberalis and I are here to keep you connected to and engaged with your alma mater. I am thrilled to be back on the campus of Utah State University and look forward to hearing from others who share my love for CHaSS, USU, and the amazing city of Logan, Utah.

Happy New Year from Cache Valley.

Kristin Middaugh, Editor