From the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
About Liberalis

Freedom to Think, Discover, and Create

The college launched its first alumni magazine in Summer 2011 in order to reconnect with graduates and showcase the work of its students, faculty, and alumni. After much consideration, the name Liberalis was selected because it pertains to freedom and denotes things that are dignified, honorable, and generous, and reflects our values as a liberal arts institution. Dean John C. Allen introduced the reasoning behind the name selection in the inaugural issue.

"We are interested in all forms of freedom - political and social freedom, but also freedom from prejudices and freedom from rigid forms of thinking" he wrote. "We are trying to cultivate in ourselves and in our students the freedom to explore ideas, cultures, and new ways of problem-solving."

We hope that you agree. And we hope that you enjoy reading about the success of our students, alumni, and faculty. Their stories are our legacy. If you know of any graduates from our college who deserve to be recognized, please feel free to contact us at or write us at 0700 Old Main Hill Logan, UT 84322.